Automate move of items on timeline

Wondering if anyone has a solution for this:

  • I put together a gantt/timeline with 150+ items planned out over the next 14 months.
  • I didn’t add dependencies right away because I needed to adjust (via timeline view) the timing of the tasks based on resource availability.
  • We have had a delay to the start of the project.
  • How do I now adjust all of the tasks on the timeline as one with a new start date? (without generating 150 dependencies manually).
    Note that I am using the timeline column for dates and not the date column.


hi @cpowers

Welcome to the community. When you want to shift all timeline by a given number of days you can select all items (multi select), click the timeline and you will find a shift option at the bottom of the popup.

Thanks, that’s a nice feature.

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