Automate Recurring Sub-items

Hi everyone,

I wonder, is there any procedure to create recurring sub-items?

I have seen we can create recurring items, clear columns, duplicate groups, etc… but I cannot find a way to create a recurring sub-item inside an static item.

Thanks for your time.


Hi @andresalbert welcome to monday!

I believe this could be accomplished through chaining 2 automations together.

  1. create a date column and set the date to the next time you want to automatically create the subitems.
  2. set up a custom automation to "When date arrives create subitem(s)
  3. set up another custom automation “when date arrives push date by N number of days” where N will be how frequently you want to recreate the subitems.

you will want to space the creating subitems and pushing date out by at least a few minutes (or more just to be safe) so as to ensure that the subitems get created before the date gets pushed.

A little clunky, but based on the current automation selections for ‘every time period’ I think this is your best bet.


Good idea @timlittletech,

If you use a custom automation, steps 2 and 3 from Tim’s post could be combined:

This also gives access to additional triggers and controls.


Hi @timlittletech Hi @JCorrell thank you so much for your replies.

I did try both setups you recommend, however, when I reach Friday the next automated created item will be on Saturday and then Sunday, so then when I reach Monday I will have to erase all the new subitems created on the weekends.

I would love to see something like this:

Every time period create a sub-item in a specific group

In that way I can automate:

Every week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, create a sub-item in a specific group.

I wonder if that is possible.

Thanks again for your time and knowledge, I appreciate it.



If all you need is to skip weekends, the “some days” parameter could be set to 1 WORKDAYS.

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Thanks @JCorrell indeed it worked.

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