Automate tag creation

Hi everyone,

I’m a new Monday user, and I need to automate tag creation for each element that are added in a specific board.
I’ve seen that it was not possible with Monday “natively”, but with Integromat I see that there is a special function to create a tag ; do you think it is possible to create this kind of automation ? It will be very helpful for us !

Thank you for reading

Hey @aladress! Thanks for posting this question!

Are you looking to integrate with another platform? If not, I would recommend using our automations to set tags when an item is created. You can use a custom automation that will automatically add certain tags:

Then, when you click into the word “item” you can determine what those tags will be:

Is that what you were looking for? We will also be adding a feature for setting default column values in very soon, so stay tuned :eyes:

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Hi, thanks for the reply ; I don’t want to integrate with an other platform, I just want to create automatically a tag which is using the same word I wrote in the first column ; if it is not clear, here is an example : if I create an element named “Client 1” in the first column, I want Monday to automatically create the tag “Client1” in its tag column like this :

If I create an new item “Client 2”, I want Monday to fill automatically the tag column with “Client2”, etc. Is it possible ?
Thanks !

@aladress, it is possible. I do think that Integromat is probably your best option. If you are not using it for anything else, you could add over 300 items per month using this logic on the free plan.

The scenario would be simple. Something like this should give you what you need:

If you need to have the same logic on more that one board, the easiest way would be to create a duplicate scenario for each board. Otherwise, the construction gets a bit more complicated.

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Thanks for the idea @JCorrell I will try it out !
I don’t know how webhooks are working in integromat, I’ll look at that first

It’s not super difficult. Let us know if you need help.

Thanks a lot @JCorrell, I managed to do the scenario with your advices and it works perfectly :slight_smile:

If someone else want the same feature in a board, here is a small detailed tutorial on how I made it (At first it seemed complicated but I understood a lot of new things doing this by myself ^^) :

  1. Create a new Webhook in Integromat, let it listen for a request and copy the url

  2. In Monday (and in the board you want to add the automation), go to “Integrations”, create a new webhook and paste the Integromat Webhook Url provided at step 1. The trigger should be a new item creation

    After that, I think it is useful to add a new item just to check that everything is OK with the datas sent.

  3. Go back in Integromat, and add the module “Create or get a tag” that will get the name of the pulse sent into the webhook

  4. Finally, add the module “Update Column Values of a Specific Item” and get the ID value of the new created element, and modify its tag column with the value of the tag created at step 2

Now if you add a new item in the board, It will create automatically a tag with its name in a couple of seconds after (reload your page if not)

I hope this tutorial is clear enough, english is not my native language and I wrote it quickly, but with the screenshots I think someone else could repeat the steps easily to do the same thing ^^


That’s great!

One thought I had after my post was that although tags can contain spaces, your example had removed them. If you want, you can just change module 8 to use this in Tag Name “replace(1. event: pulseName;{space};{emptystring})” where {space} and {emptystring} are keywords.


Oh yes, it will be more readable to do it like this, thanks again for the tip !