Automate Timeline Based on Start Date Column and Duration

Thank you for the guidance.


This is exactly what I’ve been searching for but I keep getting error messages and it won’t work. Can you clarify the step 2? Are you putting the DurationDays at the start or end of that integration? Also, does the order that I enter the integrations matter?

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I’m also having challenges. I added General caster put the formula and integration in, but the timeline column is still blank.

Hi Greg, I’m trying to do the same thing as you’ve managed to achieve! I’ve typed the formulae you shared in General Caster and set up my board the same way you have but I can’t even get #1 to run without giving the generic error message. Are there any other things you had to do to get it to work?

Hi Katherine,
I had to hire my local PC genius to help me figure it out, it was driving me nuts!! Attached are the steps he took for him to get it to work for me. But that was back in 2023, not sure if anything changed. I was so frustrated I didn’t want to use it anymore.

Good luck!

(Attachment Formulas.pdf is missing)

Email me at and I can email you the PDF of the steps.

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Thank you so much Chandra, it is so frustrating!!! I really hate that we have to learn (and pay for!) 3rd party apps to do something that I assumed would be a given feature of Monday. So sorry you had to hire an expert for this too! I’ve emailed you and will report back on how I get on :slight_smile: