Automated Action shows as being done by the Creator of Automation rather than by Automation

I had submitted this as a bug and support reviewed it and said this isn’t a bug, so I’m submitting this as an idea.

On most of the automations I’ve created, the Activity log would show that the action done due to an automation was done by an automation. For example, when a status is changed to X, then Y happens. In the Activity Log, it would show that UserA changed the status to X, and then Automations did Y. This makes it clear what happened, and why Y changed. (Y changed because of an automation)

On one of my automations, though, it shows UserA changed the status to X, but UserB changed Y. UserB being the Automation Creator. This makes it confusing, because UserB did not actually go into that item to change Y.

The response I got from Monday support team:

Some automations do not show as being actioned by the platform and show the name of the creator of the automation as the instance who took the action.

Please make this more consistent! All automations should show as being actioned by the platform, NOT the Creator!

The automation that I created was:

If column changes, then change date to today and clear column

The column is a checkmark column. So when a User checks the column, another column (date) will change to today, and then the checkmark will be cleared. This is for a recurring task that we need to check for. The activity logs shows:

 User A changed column
 Monday automation changed the date
 User B changed column

But it should be Monday automation changed column for the last action.