Automated item creation with due date (with respect to time of item creation)

So I’ve been trying to create an automatic item creation, that each Sunday it will create an item with due date for 11 days after it was created (NEXT Thursday), and another item that is created each Tuesday with due date for 6 days after it was created (Monday) And it seems like this feature is missing. You can add due dated to all items created, but not a different due time for each automated item creation.
Id love for it to be added, because I can’t really start using Monday without it. Thank you.

Hi @Jonathan.oren! This is a great question! Fundamentally, automations run across all items on your board so even if you were to add a recipe on top of the recurring recipe for your specific items, it would be applicable to all items on your board. For example, when item is created push due date by X days wouldn’t work since you’ve got one item to push by 11 days and another by 6. One way to easily accomplish this is adding a status column that will push the due date by X days when that status column is chosen on your particular items. Another option is to use batch actions and SHIFT the dates by X days. Either way you’re looking at a bit of manual work. I’d be happy to pass this suggestions onward to our product team however due to the nature of automations it might be a challenge for us :slight_smile: Hope that makes sense - if you have any more insights or ideas feel free to post here! Cheers!

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