Automated Reminders dependent on its Interval-Status

We have a number of routine-Tasks that have different intervals (daily, weekly, yearly, etc.) that need to be regularly confirmed and rescheduled according to the interval-status.

At this point I can’t create an automation do that for us and therefore we have to set the next due-date manually each time.

So could you please implement the following automation:
When a status changes to something and another status is something else, set the due date to current date plus some days.

That would save us quite some time and ease those routines.

Bonus-Request: The new scheduled date must not be on weekends but monday, if it would be on sunday according to the interval.

Hi @Thomas! Love this recipe - we are working on rolling out dynamic recipes that will allow you to build you own recipe sentence that I believe should meet your needs here. I don’t currently have an exact ETA on this but it is getting close to being released for first phase of production and feedback so stay tuned as we roll this out!

Regarding weekends, I agree and I have passed this onward to our product team not only to add the ability to hide dates in the date column but for automations to support that as well. We hope to see this implemented in the future.



That would be a great idea! The ability to include or exclude weekends for each date column.