Automated summaries for Zoom meetings in the whole organisation

Hey there!

We extensively use video in our company. Mainly, to be in asynchronous mode. However, the problem with video is that you need to watch it :slight_smile: . Therefore, we’ve created a meeting tracker board where all our internal meetings are recorded and processed with a goal of generating a summary. A summary works as a brief content overview that you can find later.

It works in the following manner:

  1. Zoom meetings are recorded to cloud.
  2. Once it is recorded, we detect via Integromat a new cloud recording and move the file to Dropbox.
  3. Then once the file is uploaded to dropbox, we create a task in board with a Link to that file.
  4. Simultaneously, we detect the new video and we trigger the automated transcription using But here you can also upload a Zoom transcript. We use Otter because we also transcribe Loom videos.
  5. Once the transcript is uploaded to the same folder, another scenario picks it up and adds a link to the same task. Hence, you have one task with links to the video and the transcript.
  6. We trigger Bitskout A.I. model to generate Keypoints that are used a summary. And also we create keywords to tags.

This way you can automate reporting - all meetings that happened today can arrive to your inbox in form of a summary per each meeting.

Of course, not only meetings - interviews, customer calls, and etc., - but summaries provide a very productive alternative of being in each call or asking updates via emails. I leave you the video and if you have questions about the recipes or scenarios, ping me in DM.

And additionally, in the same scenario we use questions to text feature to get more details about the meeting - mostly, the participants list, what was the topic and if there were any issues/escalations (especially, with feature discussions). I use it to see if I need to interfere into process or some action is required from me. It is done to avoid a real-time synchronisation meeting where we all need to present. We try to avoid synced meetings as much.