Automated Time Tracking - Based on User Who changes status

The automation to start time tracking is a great feature, but unfortunately it will always start the timer on the user who created the automation.

In a company with multiple employees, who can forget to start the timer it would be great if we would be able to just assign the current_user to the timer that gets started when the user changes status of an issue to in progress.

So instead of start time tracking, “Start Time Tracking For User”

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I’m not exactly sure if I got you there.
This automation starts the timer on the item which got moved.

Although there is another automation.

Which does what you are describing.


The issue is that the time tracking will always be assigned under the account that created the automation.

For instance:

USER A Creates automation to start time tracking when status is set to in progress.

USER B Sets status from a task to “In Progress” → Time Tracking get’s started but is started AS USER A

This is not useable since we have a team of 5, and would like it to auto start / stop the time tracking for the user that initiates the status change (since he is the one working on the task I think that would make the most sense)

But since I made the time tracking automation it looks like I’ve worked 40 hours this week, because all time trackings are set under my user.


Sorry for my missunderstanding, but what do you mean by “timetracking will be assigned”.

Where does it get assigned. To the “People” column? Activitylog?

I hope this will clear things up, otherwise let me know if you need more info :slight_smile:

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Has this issue been resolved?