Automatic data linking with Stripe

Dear Friends:
I am having a problem connecting automatically with Stripe, I cannot figure out how to fix it, I would appreciate any help you could give me.

I have a database in which I associate a client with a Stripe ID number

Additionally I have a board where I receive all the Stripe entries.

I need to match all Stripe entries automatically to clients so that I can generate a relationship of all the payments a client has made.
Is there a way to do this?

Hi @jorge.apud - You could certainly do this with Integromat, but I think perhaps @basdebruin’s upcoming app for automatic syncing might handle this? Bas can you weigh in?

hi @jorge.apud I send you a PM about the development of the Match-Index-Column app.

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I am too having trouble with this integration. Please post an update once you have it figured out. I’d love to learn from your experience.

Hi @DebCinkus and others,

Hi Jorge

This is a link to a pdf describing the Match Index Column app. Inside the pdf you will find a “Add to monday” button which is a link to the app install.

The app will install as a 10-day trial. At this moment it is not yet available on our app-store (need few days).

At this moment the app is ready for some serious testing :slight_smile:

Happy testing.

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Hi Bas:

You can use the new connetc automation to solve this issue, it’s very powerfull