Automatic Selection of Mirror Items

Hi there, I am a property manager and I am using to organize property maintenance schedules. I have boards for different kinds of maintenance and the list of items (the rows) for all the boards are the same, i.e. the property. I have statuses in each of these boards for each maintenance item which I’d like to bring all together in an “Overview” board. The mirror column is exactly what I need except that I need to click on the Items from the mirrored board which is a huge undertaking due to the volume of properties. Is there a way to automate this so that the item can be selected automatically based on the name on the item column which is the same across all boards?

Hi @joanne - check out the matching automations - this may do the trick for you.

Hopefully this helps and if you need further assistance let us know!

This looks like it’ll do the job! What’s the name of the app on marketplace?