Automatically add all new tasks to a High Level Board

Hey there, I was reading this guide about High Level boards, and either I can’t figure it out, or it doesn’t really teach what I’m trying to accomplish.

We have several boards in our team and checking on all of them is a bit of a mess, so I was hoping to have a high level board that auto populates with every single task created in a certain number of other boards. I created a high level board and connected it to the ones I want to keep tabs on, but realized it doesn’t actually auto-populate. I have to enter all of the tasks by hand, and if a task gets created in one of the boards, I still have to make sure to go to that board to add that task on the high level board manually. It defeats the purpose, since I end up having to visit all boards anyway.

Is there a way to create an automated high level board?

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Hi @dcmaia :wave:

upstream can help. We have a great deal of experience in high level boards and automations!

You’d have access to our dedicated teams, including our Solutions Engineers and our full stack Dev Team that specialise in integrations and custom requirements. We are Platinum Partners, APAC Partner of the Year for 2020 and Preferred Partners so a safe and knowledgeable pair of hands.

Feel free to drop me an email via or book an informal chat/discovery call here if preferred. No obligations, of course!

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Peta Bolger - upstream