Automatically add elements in a Workspace (like mirror) when I add an element to mine

In our office we have 4 workspaces and 1 office manager.
I then created the 4 workspaces in addition to the area for the manager (the fifth workspace).
Each user of his area creates his own elements that represent the projects he is working on and puts them, within his own workspace, in the dedicated group (in progress, in evaluation, done).

At the end of the month, the manager would like to check the global situation of the 4 workspaces in his own workspace dedicated to managers, verifying the situation (for example) of all the elements included in the “in progress” groups in a single global view.

To do this automatically, I was thinking and asking you:
Is it possible to make sure that, when a user creates an element within a certain group (“in progress” for example), this element is also mirrored in the global view of the manager so that he does not have to enter anything but the final situation is already complete?