Automatically Add Users vs. Invite Users

I found that Google has a support article on configuring auto-provision through G Suite SSO, but wondering why it’s not, or if it could be, possible to automatically add a user vs. having to invite them and wait for acceptance? This would be especially useful if already using Google authentication, and I’ve heard things can get quite complicated with SAML setup (assume that’s why it’s meant for Enterprise customers). I’ve used other tools such as Workstreams where if the user is added to Slack, they are automatically able to use Workstreams, or I can add the user directly with no wait on invite acceptance such as in Google Groups.
The particular use case I’m considering is for onboarding new employees. We of course have to set up their Google account first, but rather than also having to wait on them to accept the Monday invite, it’d be great to have them already added so that they already know what to expect and their ability to interact with the board can kick off right away.
Anyone else that would find this useful?


YES! This is a good idea!