Automatically adjusting a set of timelines to align with a campaign launch date

My team produces a recurring series of events and content campaigns that all look pretty much the same in terms of tasks, timelines and deadlines. We have templates for these projects, but can’t figure out how to automatically copy the timelines from board to board and ADJUST THEM TO THE LAUNCH DATE of each project. Is this possible? For example, if I have 50 tasks on a project that lasts three months… I want to have each of those tasks magically fit onto a timeline that is calculated off a launch date, without having to set all the dates manually.


hi @contijms
In the Apps section there is a possibility to build a “solution”. A solution contains multiple boards, automations etc and can be used as a solution template. What I understand it uses a concept op an anchor date. So when you build the solution with a board that contains timelines you specify an anchor date. When you later duplicate the solution all timelines will be moved with the difference between the duplication date and the anchor date. I did not play around with it but it looks very cool.

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What Bas said! :slight_smile:

Yes, you can do this by creating a workspace app for everything and then setting the anchor date each time at install.