Automatically create a board and add items based on selection of initial board

What I think the automation would look like.

When Status changes to {value} and Status is {value}, create a new board and create new items based on (items checked, status {value}, or list items checked).

What it would work for:
Anyone that has a high level board that has either multiple status columns, checkboxes, or list with multiple items selected that needs a new board with high level board item name PLUS all checked items, selected items, or a particular status, to be put into separate pulses (items) on the new board.

Example; Client can choose from 10 items (shopping list, multiple interest lists, customization list, approved items to be billed list, ect.)

My use case: Make the final step automated
Clients fill out this form What are you looking for?

 *My Board View* (Sorry for the bulky board.)

New Board Auto Created

New Board Empty

Manually Enter Customers Interest Points (each customer has a different combination of needs.)

Each topic the client care specialist has to go through in detail with the client. Each item will eventually go to a different department with the client care specialist as the lead contact for the client.

If some ideas are scratched and others are going to the quoting and billing department, the same filter/automation can help the follow go much smoother.