Automatically create a group

Hey, I’m new to this community and to Monday.
I’m playing with the trial at the moment and looking to set up an automation so when the status of an item is updated, a new group in a different board is created. From what i’ve seen in these posts, it can’t be done. Is that still the case?


Welcome to Monday and the community!

From what I can see in Mondays built in options, you can create new groups within the same board. But If I’m understanding you correctly, you want to set a status on Board A and create a group on Board B?

To do this within the standard Monday Automations, you will need at least three automations.

  1. Board A: When Status changes to Something, create an Item in Board
    Changing the status of an item on Board A this will send an item to Board B.

  2. Board B: When a new item is created, set it’s Status to Something
    When your new item arrives on Board B you want its status to “change” so it will trigger your group creation.

  3. Board B: When Status changes to Something, create a group
    This will trigger your new group, completing your automation chain. This may leave you with an item you didn’t want, but you can delete or archive it automatically with additional automations.

Let me know if this helps or if you need assistance setting it up.

P.S.: Later on down the road, you may want to look into Zapier or Integromat. They are 3rd Party integration apps that could easily create the scenario you mentioned but with added complexity and less Monday automations. They are more complicated to set up and only Integromat has a free version, but they are worth it if you want to integrate other applications or set up more complicated scenarios.


Yes, we’ve been able to do this pretty easily with Zapier.

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That’s brilliant, thanks very much for the help

Definitely something I’ll look at in due course. Thanks