Automatically create new board from a template WITH guests based on a document (spreadsheet, text file, email...)

I would like to use a spreadsheet or a text file, or an email to automatically create a board from a default template (or even one named in the file) and add guest users to it based on the file. For example:

Excel or excel file with:

Board Title: Project_Board_Design_Creation_5
Template: ZZ_Design_template_A

… sets up a board accordingly.

This could be an uploaded file, it could be an email associated with the account with this information in it …


Hi @mitchmann! Can you share a bit how this would benefit your workflow? I’d love to understand the need to create boards based on a file and the connection to inviting guests in a bit more depth so we can take this request into consideration. Cheers!


basically I’ve got a website where users register to work on projects together . once a project is is accepted then when it would Trigger theoretically a board for that team to be created for them to work on that project together.

Hi Mitch,

Gotcha - makes a lot of sense! We do have one portion of this workflow in a new recipe:


This would allow you to accept the project and create a shareable board from a template. The next piece would be the customization of adding or inviting specific team members.



Right direction! But this may involve an integration, e.g. with Google Sheet etc. To pass the participant data into Monday.