Automatically creating an item based on specific day of the week within a month

Example: I’m trying to automatically create an item on the 3 Monday of every month. I don’t see a way to specifically set that reoccurrence. Is there a solution I’m not thinking of?

Hi Marla,

Apologies if I don’t understand what you’re looking for correctly but it sounds like it’s possible to achieve that with a custom automation:


Something like that?

Thank you for responding, that automation looks helpful, but I’m looking for a way to “Every time period, create and item” but instead of having to pick a specific date every month, i.e. “15th of every month,” or “every two weeks,” I can have it automatically create and item on the the 3rd Thursday of every month. We have lots of tasks that are scheduled this way. It’s not always every 4 weeks or on a specific date of every month. Sorry it’s hard to explain in a clear way.

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Hey Marla,

Definitely sounds tricky to explain and apologies if again I’ve not understood, but using a date column like above with “submitted date” you can do the X date of every month which is what the automation would do. In terms of picking the date in question you would just change the value in the date column.