Automatically Duplicate Group Structure Across Boards

When a group structure is created in one board, is there a way to automatically create that group structure in another board? Not duplicating the items from one board to another–dynamically changing the groups in different boards so they stay synced up.

Within a single project, we use different boards to track different aspects of complex items. It would be preferable to have the items grouped the same way in each board.

So, for example, each board will have an item called MegaItem. The MegaItem in each board is linked with each of the others. It would be easiest for my team if each of the boards within a project had the same sets of groups, and for MegaItem to appear in the same group in each board.

I saw another user ask something similar and it was suggested they use a template. Unfortunately from project to project, the groups are different, and change as the project moves forward, so I don’t think using a template would work here. I want the group structure to be updated across the boards as they are edited.



I believe the only way to currently accomplish this would be to use Integromat, a custom app or similar.

I have done a similar thing using Integromat on a sales forecasting set of boards rolling up into a master board that is reconciled nightly with any changes to groups, item names, and deletions.

Just matching groups would be much easier.


Thanks for the suggestion and feedback, Jim. I will look into whether this approach makes sense for us.