Automatically editing pulse email address

We would like to set the pulse email address(“Write updates via email”) for all pulses to a certain value automatically.

In the chrome console, when I click and edit the email manually, I see a PUT request is sent to the pulse API(REST) with a JSON {email_alias: “”} . How do i edit this “email_alias” through API v2. Any other workaround?

It is cumbersome to edit this every time.

Hey Shilpa,

At the moment there isn’t a way to change a specific item’s email address via the API. It needs to be done manually. However, I’ve moved this to the API feature requests section so it can be upvoted by other community members.

Are you trying to generate the emails programatically? What kind of format do these emails have?

We just don’t want a user to need to do this manually. As soon as a pulse is created it would be great to set the email to a custom value