Automatically hide or filter done/completed tasks vs. archive

Pain point: when using my task board, it remains cluttered with completed tasks where I would like to see only non-completed tasks. Essentially, I would like items marked with the “done” status (or a check mark) to disappear, but still be available under the group they were in if I need to refer to them later or still need them included in calculations.

What I have tried:

  • The archive option: not helpful because the task is then removed from the group it was in and I have to search through lots of unrelated tasks to find it again, if I need to refer to if/when it was completed later. This feature would be meaningful if it was archived within the board/group. That way, you could click an option to view archived tasks and they would show within the groups they were archived in and not as a general list. Also, archiving removes them from calculations.
  • Filtering: does allow to filter out items by a status. However, it does not automatically refresh the board when you click it like archiving does, so they remain visible. So, I have to refresh the window every time I want to clear those tasks. Maybe clicking on a checkbox or the “done” category should immediately filter out the task (could be set as an option or automation). Filtering is preferable to archiving because archived tasks are removed from the group. If they are filtered out, they are not included in columns that sum, but you can turn the filter off and then they are included.

Hi @rkfrcoed - What kind of plan are you on (Pro, Enterprise, etc.)?

How often do you need to refer back to the completed items? Is it a frequent occurrence or just every now and then?