Automatically Map Excel Columns to Board Columns

The user experience for importing Excel files leaves much to be desired:

  • The dialog window is much too small; allow a user to make it full size to see ensure they are mapping the columns correctly.
  • If you accidentally select a column that has already been mapped, it unmaps the correctly (previously) mapped column.
  • Even if the board was created from the original source Excel file, and EVERY column name is IDENTICAL, you must go through and map every column (see the above challenges)

All of the above problems/challenges would be eliminated if you automatically mapped column names from the source Excel file to the board columns. Please, please do this…

First – the overall import experience has improved greatly. Thank you!

However, the most annoying and error inducing behavior remains. It is the 2nd bullet point above, if you accidentally select a column name when mapping and then delete it before leaving the field, it still clears it from the column it was previously mapped to.

Also, the mapping IMHO is backwards. You can’t create new board columns on import (to an existing board), so it would make more sense to me to have the board columns on the left (currently is it the excel columns) and then allow you to map to columns in your import file. The finite constraint here is the columns you already have on the board, it would be best to surface those column names as a static list on the left and let you use the drop-downs to pick which Excel column you want to map each to.