Automatically map Item when using Connect Board/Mirror?

I may just be overlooking something… when using connect board and mirror, is there any way to automatically map the item based on it matching? For example, I have a Contacts board (all clients). Whenever I add a new Contact, it also automatically duplicates that client on my Leads board, and from there it can move around (Inactive Leads, Active Clients, Inactive Clients, etc.). Back on my Contacts board, I am using a connect board column to do multi-board mirroring for Client Status. This way, we can go into the Contacts and see “where else” that client is (Lead, Active Client, Inactive Client, etc.)

HOWEVER it is an extra step (and one that my team will likely not understand) to manually map the item (Client Name) back on the Contacts board after it’s moved onto Leads. Is there any way to do a “universal” mapping for an item? Should I have set this up as a two-way mirroring situation?

Hey @amlt! Just hopping in here to see if you were able to find a good solution for this! If not, shoot us a message at and we’d be happy to assist further with this! :blush: