Automatically populate due date with end day in timeline

Yes i also would like this feature. This would be very useful

Echoing the feedback here! If the timeline and end date/due date columns could be automated, especially factoring in the dependencies, this would dramatically increase the effectiveness of our boards. Right now, it’s way too manual and unreliable when I’m building out a project plan. Please prioritize this feature!!


I too need this! My Ideal situation would be this:
Create a board template (pretty simple task list, always at the same time intervals based on the “start date”) so that whenever I create the board that is time 0 if you will, and then in my template all of the “due dates” in the respective date columns auto populate based on a set delay/leadtime from the creation date.


Yes! This is exactly what I would like it to do.

Hi @gallagm2 & @robertrizzo - You can do this! You have to use the app functionality and create what’s called a Workspace Template. This creates a set of one or more templates that will automatically adjust the dates: (31) monday - Apps — Mozill...

If you would like some help migrating your existing templates to be Workspace Templates, you can book a time with me here and I’ll be happy to walk you through it: Book a call with Polished Geek: Do more with monday․com

I am also interested in this! Please let us all know when there are updates


Can the app “Start + End = Timeline” (see marketplace) help out here, it converts or syncs timeline with dates columns and vice versa.

YES! This is what I’m trying to do, too!

@monday-team Please add this ability. Either being able to populate the timeline based on start/end dates or vice versa would be a huge help. It would also impact certain integrations (e.g. JIRA) as JIRA doesn’t have a concept of a timeline view so pulling in start/end dates from there to populate timelines would enable visualizing delivery timelines.

Trying to use a Gantt chart with 2 or 4 different dates (target start/end vs actual start/end) is impossible due to each date receiving its own line item.

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I found a way around this using subitems as the start and finish dates then mirroring the two date to the main task. This video from the team is helpful in creating the mirror: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom
You can then drive the dates of the sub items using automate and dependencies.

Would still be nice to have a built in method of doing this. Hope this is helpful to someone.

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Hi guys
new to and enjoying the plethora features !
has there been any update or workaround to this request?
i love that we are able to drag the timeline on the timeline chart/gantt chart but the Due Date column isn’t updated accordingly to the last date of the timeline.


I’ve been using Monday for a while. Timeline automations would be great!

Hi All

This app syncs a timeline to a start and end date where the end date can be used as due date.

I agree, we should be able to set timelines from start and stop dates, similar to how you enter a timeline via the Form View.

The app Apps Marketplace mentioned here support both directions :slight_smile:. So, you can set a timeline by entering two dates.

Hi @basdebruin I have your app but I get a Sorry, something went wrong…’ message when I try to add the automation on my board. Do you know why this may be?

Thank you!

I am also getting an email with ’ ERROR: did not return a valid webhook. Please try again later.’

Hi Elina,

There are almost 1.000 accounts using this app. I need to know your monday accountUrl to have a look at our log files. In most cases the app sends a notifcation to you monday notification area if something is wrong. Did you receive anything there?

Hi @elina.lagoudaki

Do you have the permissions to create webhooks?

Hi! Thanks for replying so fast. Sorry I didn’t give you the URL earlier. It is Yes, I received notifications. Do you need any other information to be able to look into the issue?