Automating archiving based on timeframe

At the end of each quarter I want to automatically archive all tasks that have been done for a given amount of time (two weeks). Right now it seems that it’s only possible to archive done items using multiple automations after the date they were set to done.

This is based on adding the date (today) to this solution for automating archiving found here. I would like to combine this solution with the every time period automation.

Basically what I’m asking is if it would it be possible to expand the tasks that can be completed every time period? Sorry if this has already been asked and thank you for any help/advice in advance!

@ewarburton Welcome to the Community!

You can see the custom automation roadmap here: Custom Automations Roadmap

The “Every Time Period” option is already released like you noticed so its not clear if and when they plan on expanding it. In the meantime, this would be a simple scenario to create in Integromat or Zapier. You are given a lot more options in regards to scheduling. You would just have it trigger when you want and based on your criteria archive the item(s) in question.

Hope this helps!

That’s very helpful, didn’t realize that roadmap existed! Hopefully time period get’s expanded on soon, as at the moment it seems quite limited but it could provide a lot of functionality. I’ll check out Integromat and Zapier. Thank you for your quick response!

hi @ewarburton

There is an app in the marketplace Apps Marketplace that does move items per set schedule based on the hours from now (can also be negative). Now is the time the scheduler runs. With this you can define a group (call it archive) and items which has a date that is eg. -336 hours (2 weeks in the past) from now are moved to that group. From there you can use a standard automation to archive items from the archive group.