Automating Pulse Creation & Link/Mirror

Good afternoon,

I’m trying to create a dashboard that gives our internal customers a high level overview (display only) of the projects(pulses) we are working on for them.

I currently have a “working” board that I use to assist in tracking all the projects my team is currently working on and the relevant metadata about those pulses. Our work is grouped and prioritized by several customers and in the past, I have created dashboards for them to view all of their items, the status, priority and other pertinent information. All of the information I’d like to display to them is tracked on my working board in various columns. However, the dashbaord table widget cannot be a paired down version of the main table, so creating dashboards from this board isn’t much of an option.

My thought to get around this was to create a separate board and automate the creation of the pulses from the “working board” to this customer display board. I basically want the display board to be a paired down version of the working board so that when I create dashboards it’s less cluttered and more efficient visually.

I couldn’t get the automation to work right. I want several of the columns on the working board to be represented and mirrored on the display board but I could only link from display to working and not from working to display automatically. My intention is to not have to do any manual manipulation on the display board.

Does this automation exist? Is there any other way to go about handling this?

Thank you!

Instead of using another board and waste x number of automations, why not to try using shared (filtered) views?

Putting a filter or hiding columns on the dashboard also impact the main board. I want to be able to maintain all of my columns and filters in my working board but curate the experience of the customer who is viewing the dashboard. I think the only way for me to do this is by using another board and building the dashboard off of that. I only want them to see the subset of pulses/metadata that are relevant to them. I’ve built similar dashboards using custom filters in JIRA in the past.

I’m not worried about wasting the automatons if that means I don’t have to manually maintain linkages between the two. I can’t seem to get it to work correctly though.

I think you are not right.
The shared Views are saved with their own filters and hidden columns as you want, and NOT affect the main board!

I think you should give them a try AND explore them

How are shared views able to be leveraged on a DASHBOARD within something like the table widget?

Hi @Cyle i didnt mention DASHBOARDS,

all what im saying you can do it from the original BOARD you are working on.

Did you figure this out? I have exactly the same problem. e.g. lots of low-level boards with multiple groups (but all those boards use same templates) but I want to gather select info from all those boards in to a display only board so I can create simpler dashboards for things like budget and resource capacity management.

Unfortunately I did not find a viable solution. Ended up configuring my grouping a bit differently and just using “shared views” instead of the dashboard functionality.

Actually, just checking and it appears they have a new Automation that does what I need.


This automation is based off a status change of a pulse. There is another automation similar that is based off just the creation of a pulse but for whatever reason that one does not auto-link the two items. This one does, which is key for me.

Some quick testing it will work for my use case and I think it will work. I’ll be using different groups and a smaller subset of columns on the secondary board as well as different automatons.

Hi Cyle,

I had the same problem until I also found that automation. However, when I use it and when it is linked, if I change one pulse from one board it does not change the linked pulse. Is it the same for you?