Automating questions in Forms to match Statuses in other Boards

I have two boards that are meant to control the inventory of my company. Board A is the literal inventory of our equipment, which tracks a number of machines all around the world. Board B surrounds a form that is filled out when equipment needs to be transported, as it tracks the timing and responses of these transportation forms.

I want to build the form so that it automatically populates the form’s questions based on the presence or absence of certain machines in a location, which is depicted by statuses in Board A. For example, we need machines X, Y and Z in France. According to Board A, we already have machines X and Y in France. I need the form (in Board B) to read the Statuses in Board A to only ask questions regarding the transportation of machine Z to France.

Is this possible without an app or plug-in? If it is not, I am willing to look into options that involve apps.

Thank you!

Hey @zdrumm,

I am afraid at this time mirrored columns are not supported in our forms feature. In order for this to work the form would need to originate from Board A (or any board to which no mirrored columns need to be included in the form)…that being said, there is a way to workaround this… you can set up a native status column in Board B that can be triggered based on the mirrored status column from Board A using this automation recipe:

From there, you can integrate the native status column into the form and utilise conditional questions to dictate the questions asked based on the status chosen.

Let me know if this makes sense!

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Hi @BiancaT ,

Thank you very much for the explanation. Unfortunately, I may not be understanding fully. When I try to create an automation that is triggered by a change in a mirrored column, the automation does not recognize this as a possibility. Meaning, I cannot include the “Mirror” column in the automation recipe. How can I add this?

Secondly, my issue with simply using conditional questions for my form is that I need the form to be dynamic with the status at all times, like an automation within the form. Right now, my form is rigid, and built in a way where the filler of the form needs to know which machines are missing, like this:

I would like to automate my form so that the form intuitively knows to ask the last two questions (serial number question) without needing the user to answer the previous question. I was hoping the form would be able to do this based on the status of the machines in the inventory (Board A).

I hope this clarifies my questions and/or concerns, and once again, thank you very much for your insight.


Hey @zdrumm - thanks for your reply!

The recipe I referred to is only available via the templates center and cannot be created via a custom automation. Let me know if you’re able to locate it!

As for your second point, I appreciate you clarifying this, and can see exactly what you’re referring to here. At this time, it isn’t possible to automate within the form I am afraid, you would still need to manually change the form based on the status set in Board B… I apologise for the set back here and encourage you to submit this as a feature request :pray: