Automating Reoccurring Service Requests, help needed

We utilize to keep track of service requests and we’ve come across one that is reoccurring in a way that requires additional tracking that I’m struggling with.

Here is our Scenario:

Sally, acct # 1234, needs 500 every month on the 15th.

This info needs to be on a master list of some sort for overall tracking at a glance and to aggregate for reporting (maybe on a separate board?) and on the 15th of each month, a service request generated with her info and assigned to a team member so that the request can be completed.

We already track other service requests on a service request board and have a form created for service requests to be submitted and I’m not sure the best way to integrate the above reoccurring service request in a way that is automated as much as possible.

Started brainstorming several automation solutions and thought it may be easier to ask the community in case it’s already been done.

Is it easier to have service requests and push out due dates? How can I get a master list to generate? A separate linked board?

Thanks in advance!!