Automating updates across multiple, connected boards

Hey Community,

I’m trying to reduce the amount of manual work required by the product team by having multiple, inter-connected boards where some tickets exist on multiple boards simultaneously, and update on both in real-time when you make an amendment on one board or the other.

For more context…
Most important need:
A ‘product backlog’ board that, when a ticket is set to a particular status (ready for development) it then appears on another board AS WELL - the ‘development backlog’ board. The tickets will then be kept up to date on the product backlog when changes are made to the ticket on the development backlog.

Second need:
A ‘business backlog’ board - for the rest of the business to raise tickets - when it gets put to a status of ‘moved to product backlog’ I want it to automatically duplicate itself on the product backlog, but also remain on the business one and update on both as it progresses through the development process

Any information on how I can do this would be much appreciated, as I haven’t yet cracked it!


Hey @chrismiles13, thank you so much for posting about this! It’s a good question.

So tickets/items can’t exist on multiple boards simultaneously. It’s not possible to duplicate and then update on both (duplicating would create new, unconnected items). That being said, you could have columns from different boards show up and autoupdate in real time, by using the mirror column for each column you’d like to have in both the product backlog and the development backlog board:

You might also think about using the table widget on a dashboard. That could replace one of your boards, and would show the same items and update in real time. The difference would be that in a table widget on a dashboard you can combine multiple boards in one place.

This would capture all of the columns from items and reflect new updates immediately.

Thank you so much Talia – really helpful I’ve created a few interconnected boards with automations and mirrors galore!


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Whoop! Glad to hear it :blush: