Automation based on Timeline Start Date

I need to send notifications and change statuses based on the planned start date of an activity. We used the timeline column instead of separate start/end date columns to reduce the number of columns. Is this coming or is there an integration that can make this happen? I feel like it’s a necessary feature for those tracking when to start and finish tasks.


hi @jessie.stroud

Welcome to the community. It looks like you can build this one with the “Create Custom Automation” feature.

Where Owner is a people column holding the owner of the task.

Hiya, sorry not that’s not what I’m asking for.

What I need is the ability to tell Monday which of the dates in the timeline column I would like the automation to use - start or end date.

I have a couple of deferred date notification automations where you can offset the end date by x amount of days, but I would like the ability to do the same with the start date.

Ohh ok, I see. Doesn’t this take the start date of the timeline by default?

I understand you want to limit the number of columns, but there is an app in the marketplace that syncs timeline to a start and an end date. With that app you can still have 1 timeline but you have 2 additional columns (that can be hidden I think) that splits the timeline in a start and an end which then can be used in any automation.


Hi Jessie, I understand what you’re referring to.

I’m surprised that hasn’t got this recipe on its standard list. At the very least, rename the automation recipe to say something like “End Date Arrives”

I’d be keen to know what that app is @basdebruin

hi @djbeame

The app is called “Start + End = Timeline” and can be found in the marketplace. It basically converts / syncs two dates into a timeline and visa versa.

You can differentiate between the Timeline start and end date in a Formula column.
Ideally, we should be able to do the same in automations without adding more columns to a sheet (not to mention additional automations to link the two to reflect timeline changes).
I’ve used the “Start + End = Timeline” app which was useful when the timeline column didn’t have the same range of date column functions.

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Thanks!! Will check it out

Hi @jessie.stroud

You can achieve this using the custom automations!
This will allow you to select either the start or end date when setting up your automations.

You can access the custom automations by heading to the Automation Center and selecting the animated button at the top of the page to create your own custom automation.



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