Automation connected to formula field?

I’m new to still trying to understand how it wants me to think…, thought it would be cool to load my contacts and keep track of birthdays with a Kanban board. In order to see them coming ahead of time I created statuses as shown. I built formulas that take the birthday and subtract 30, subtract 7, etc. I hoped I could go in and select and automation (when it hits this date, change status to ____) to move the status when the date occurs but it appears the automation recipes don’t recognize my “formula” fields even though they are formatted for a date. Is there a better way to do this so it works without a bunch of manual entry? Thanks!

I figured it out. General Caster to the rescue! Custom Automations do not recognize formula fields as a date, however you can use a General Caster formula to cast the result to a date field - makes it all work.

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