Automation Context - Learning What The Fields Are

I have seen nothing that actually explains the use of automations/ integration wherein I learn more about the detailing in automations.

As an example, there is nowhere to be found a simple direct explanation of what a pulse is or how I’m supposed to use the brackets when selecting a supported field.

Is there any good source that actually provides me more in depth tutorials regarding this subject matter?

Hey @TyeZ,

check this Video out:

Regarding intergrations, you can visit:


I appreciate the link, however I have seen the videos and they don’t offer the actual information I need. It only covers a brief surface summary of automations/ integrations.

What I need is information in terms of the selection fields. The things in the curly brackets. Nothing explains those in detail. How they work, where the content it’s supposed to hold is supposed to go, whether I fill it in completely, partially, or if the system is already automatically filling it in. needs to expand on this video by including a bit more in depth explanation of those elements.

Hey @TyeZ,

you can also find indept information about automations here.

The curly braces, are field where you can pass parameters to.

Hey @TyeZ! Good questions, and good information for us to have to know this needs to be clearer :slight_smile:

A pulse is exactly the same thing as an item—it’s just the old name we used for items!

Would you be able to send a screenshot of where you are seeing the brackets? I want to make sure I have the context for what you are seeing so I can give you some more information about how those brackets work.

Hope to hear from you soon!