Automation Delays Cause Problems


I’m having an issue with automations and using monday as a CRM.

I use a handful of automations such as “when status changes to X, move to group” and “set default status of new pulse to Y.” All of our data comes into monday via Zapier.

Zapier has 5-15 minute delays on automations.

What’s supposed to happen:

  1. New lead comes in
  2. Monday assigns a default status
  3. Zapier updates to the correct status based on the source (such as expressed interest)

What’s actually happening

  1. New lead comes in
  2. Monday doesn’t immediately trigger
  3. Zapier triggers and updates the status
  4. Monday comes and triggers to update to the default status and replaces the correct status from Zapier
  5. Leads get lost because they aren’t properly marked.

Monday not triggering immediately undoes the work Zapier did. Sometimes monday triggers immediately and it works as it should, but this is causing a lot of leads to get lost. Can you help?

Hey Patrick,

Thank you so much for reporting this. It sounds like there might be a bug and we prefer to deal with bugs through so we can provide the quickest and best experience.

We’ll email you from there now to discuss this issue further so we can begin to investigate and find a solution.