Automation edition

Hello, it would be nice the option to be able to modify an automation when “edit automation” is selected, being able to take out some of the actions from the automation recipe or add new ones, without the need to do all over a new automation from the beginning to include the new modifications.

For example if I have an automation that when a status changes, somebody is assigned… and later on I see that also would be nice add to the same automation to set the date of assignment to today, that the new action could be added editing the original recipe, instead of adding a separated automation or redoing the original over again to include the additional action.

Yes!! If when you select edit automation you can have the same options to add or delete as you do when you originally created the automation it would be very helpful. I have to re make the automation when I forget something. While creating an automation is pretty painless, it still is burdensome to have to try and rebuild exactly what I built before with one minor tweak.