Automation for Start Date

We needed to reference Timeline column in a Chart but it seems that this is not possible.
The Chart does not have an option to select Timeline column like it does in Workload widget. I don’t know why and could not find explanation for it?

Therefore we are referencing Start Date column in Chart. But I wanted to set/update the Date when Timeline Start Date arrives or better when Timeline Start Date is changed. So I pumped into another limitation - I could only create automation to set Start Date to Today, which is wrong. Let’s say the timeline is set to Nov 10 and today is Nov 9. I want to set a Start Date to Nov 10, not to Nov 9. How do we do that? Am I missing something?


Hi @Leon

Not sure why you are not able to select a timeline column in in a Gantt chart. What happens if you select the Gantt view?

If you want to sync a timeline with a start and an end date this app might be what you are looking for: Apps Marketplace