Automation from Subitem creation


Could we get a new trigger for automations from sub items? I wanted to see something like, when a new sub item is created, change status of the main item (not the sub item that was just added) to something. Or any other action for that matter. The point is, the trigger is from a sub item and the action is for the main item.

I would totally love an automation “when subitem created then”. This is actually one of the things that I need for my process as well.

Now I think it, you could use a status column in the subitem that changed from default to something else. And use that as a trigger to change a status column in the main item.
To change the subitem status from default to something, you could check “every period” if a subitem status is still default and then change it to something so that subsequently triggers the change in the main column.

You do need to keep an eye on the number of automations this would you (every minute, every hour every day?), but I think it can be a good workaround.

I am not seeing this as an option at all. In the Automations Center the only action after “Every time period, if status is something” is to notify. There is no change status action.

If I do the custom automations, and start with “Every time period”, I am unable to add the filter for “status is something”

I thought it was possible. But it wasn’t. My apologies. I mixed up something.