Automation: Item Creation + status is set due date


We are trying to use forms in Monday for our costumers to send requests to us. We would like to prioritize the requests based on a status received through the form and depending on the status set the due date of the task.

I have attached a picture of a similar automation but in which I want to include the status so that the automation will read: “When an item is created and status is something, set due date to creation date plus some day”.

I really appreciate if you can help us out with this. :slight_smile:

Hi @MathiasU - Welcome to the community. You can almost do this with a Custom Automation. The only part missing is that you can only set a date field to “today” right now.
Image 2020-10-07 at 11.09.34 AM.png

If you don’t want to wait for the custom options to be expanded to include your use case, you could add a second automation to push the due date out again, right after the item is created.

You can’t control the timing of automations (yet) so it may take a bit of exploration to find the right option. Possibly using the “when date has passed” trigger to make it push out the following day, rather than on creation may work best.

Thanks for your reply!

I have tried with the automation you are talking about and also added an automation to push the date when created but I can’t seem it to work properly. It seems like the “push date” automation gets prioritized before the “set due date” automation.

Would it be possible for you to expand the automation you posted a picture on but with the functionality to change the date and not only have pre-set for today?