Automation : move an item to a group triggers move the linked item to a same named group in another board

We have multiple boards with same group names. The items in each boards are linked with each other using “Order Id” column. We want to have a automation where items in each board move to different group all together. Meaning if in one board i move an item from “Normal” group to “Urgent” Group, I want other board connected item also to move from “Normal” group to “Urgent” Group.

Hi @priyesh - welcome to the community! If they are connected, you could mirror the status column from the source board, then create a second duplicate status (the same as the status column) to drive the move to different groups. Currently, moving items to groups via automations and mirrored columns is not supported.

So basically you can have it setup as:
When Mirrored Status Changes to Urgent Change “Duplicate Status” to Urgent
Than a second set of automations: When Duplicate Status Changes to Urgent, Move Item to Urgent.

It’s a bit of overhead but it works!