Automation: Move to group and archive on date comparison

Hi there,

I have a scenario I can hopefully find a workaround for. If anyone has dealt with something similar, I would be greatful for for any hints on how to tackle.

The background is as follows: I receive forecast data from our client that I am pushing into Within the forecast data are equipment that receives purchase orders and contains delivery schedule information etc. The longer the data remains in the data set, the more mature/real the request becomes. However, there are times when an item is released and then disappears (is deleted and no longer in the set). I think I can handle the synchronization between my data set and the Monday board to figure out what records are on each side and move the dropped items on my side to a “Deleted” type group.

What I am running into is the composition of the records that drop off. I don’t have access to a reliable shipping data. So all I know is if the record is still in the active records or not. However, we can consider that any record that is dropping out of the set after the “tender date” is a delivered tool. I am looking to move the dropped records (I can handle this via api) and have this coupled with an automation that checks to see if the tender date > the date the record dropped, and if so, archive the record. This would leave just the records that are true deletions in the group to be evaluated by a team member. Looking at the automation recipes, though, there doesn’t seem to be a date comparison option as a condition after selecting the item moved to a different group trigger.

Any thoughts on how I might be able to accomplish?