Automation to add a certain tag based on the status change

When people request a report I need to be able to go back and search for all the requests but when I search [REQUESTED] (which is the actual status) in the search everything the search pulls up literally everything even things that start with req. in the line items. If there was an automation that was automatically added when a status changes then you could just search tags and that would be the ONLY thing that pops up. But I cannot expect my technicians in the field to change that tag every time they go in to request a report, which is already pulling teeth to get them to do!


Can you make use of the ‘Filter’ function instead of the ‘Search’ on your board?

If you want to go down the automation route then you can use Integromat and have the Monday Board send a webhook when a status changes to something. Then Integromat would add the tag to the item.