Automation to add a link in an item in another board

I am hoping to create an automation that will add an item to a list in board #2 when a new item comes into board #1 with a specific status, PLUS I need it to add a link to the item in board #1 to the item in board #2 that was automatically generated. I see the mirror/link automations, but so far can’t see how a hyperlink can be added so users can easily jump from one board to the other but allow those boards to operate independently.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Pat-Deuschle! welcome to monday! I think there is already a automation for this use-case.

here is a screenshot of the recipe:

This won’t technically make a true ‘hyperlink’ but with two clicks you can get from Board #1 to the new item in board#2.

*Note you will have to create a ‘connected’ boards column to use this recipe and not a hyperlink board.

Hope that helps

Thanks - yes, I saw that. I was specifically looking for a link to be added. I’m trying to help new users and minimize steps. We’ll certainly give that a try. Thanks.