Automation to be triggered based on a mirror column changes (Status mirror)

Hi. I have a board which includes mirror columns. I want to use one of the mirror columns (project phase) to trigger a group change within the same board. Needless to say that the groups I have in the mirrored board is not the same groups as when the mirrored column is coming from. In simple terms, when I want to generate a new automation, I do not see the mirror columns.

2nd question. Maybe I can copy a mirrored column to another non mirrored column within the same board? how please?

Thanks so much,

I have set up some boards with these automations. I am able to use Mirror columns (that show status on another board) to trigger automations on this board. I had to explore and experiment A LOT to find, unravel, and get this to work. When I have shown others how I’ve set this up, they are still not able to…