Automation to be triggered by formula column

I am looking for a way to trigger automation by a formula column. For example:

  1. If value is (can be a number or Text), then do (e.g. change Status to…and…)
  2. Check every (hours/days) formula value and if it is (can be specific value or text; different then previous run), then do (e.g. change Status to…and…)


Hey Baruch Moroz, were you able to solve this?

This is a feature I need also!


No, still waiting on Monday to get this capability developed.

This issue can be resolved with the Advanced Formula Booster. I understand you’re looking for a native solution, but in the meantime, should you absolutely need it, let me know through a private message and I’ll show you how.

Thanks but you are correct, I am looking for a native solution.