Automation to create a board in a specific workapace

Hello everyone! I want to make an automation.

When the status change to approved, create a new board in a specific workspace, depending of the department (commercial, financial, administrative, industrial,…) of the company.

I mean if the project come from Commercial department, the new has to be created in the workspace “Commercial Projects”

Is this possible?

hi @pablo.valdivieso

Welcome to the community! Are you referring to the API (doing this from your own developed integration app) or from the custom automation builder?

If you refer to the API: you can create a board in a specific workspace but you need to know the workspaceId. That is where it becomes difficult because there is no GraphQL query to find all workspaces int the account. Basically you need to query all boards in the account and return the workspace name and id.

Thanks @basdebruin !!!

I really want to develop this integration but I’m still to novel and I don’t want to lose everything I advance. May you guide me?

I attached some photos

hi @pablo.valdivieso

Before going into detail how you can do this with an home-grown integration app can you let me know where you are with regards to app development.

  • did you read all te documents
  • did you try out the monday provided examples
  • have you already decided on the programming language
  • do you have a development environment
  • do you have access to an internet attached server where you can run the app?

Sorry for all the questions, but I feel you need to have all of this as a basis before starting to consider building your own integrations.

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Of course, thanks for the suggestions. All the answers probably are “no”. I read some documents and I try some examples but I’m not shure if i’m walking by the correct route. Do you have some links that I can enter to being more prepared for the development?

hi @pablo.valdivieso
I am afraid you need to go through the learning curve. This is a good starting point Introduction to monday Apps. Remember that if you want to build a custom integration you need to have a server connected to the Internet that gets all the request from monday. Basically that server and its services become an integral part of your workflow.