Automation to move items from this group to other groups based on item title

Hi community,

Can someone please help me to create an automation as described below.
When a new item is created to a group the data collected feeds all the groups therefore the data needs to be addressed individually to different groups with different titles as at the moment by default when a new item is created all the groups are been fed with the same data which creates the issue.

Thank you

Hello @sanjeev.501 ,
We have released an app on the marketplace that can help you achieve this. The app can be found here.
For your scenario, you can create a template in the app which follows a logic like this.

  • First step, select your board and the group where the items will be added.
  • Second step, select “item” from the list of columns
  • Third step, select “Any” and input your desired item name in the filter input box called “Get values with item name of:”
  • Fourth step, select the “Move” option and choose your board and group.

Save the everything as a template.

Lastly, add the template to run as an integration in your board. That’s it :slight_smile:

Now anytime you add a new item to that group with a specified name, it will move to the specified group.
The demo below shows how to add a template as an integration