Automation to notify the user who triggered the automation

Is this possible? The situation is basically these two automations with the same trigger:
“When trigger occurs and conditions are met, perform action.”
“When trigger occurs and conditions are NOT met, notify user.”

I had hoped that the notify user action would notify whoever triggered the automation, but it doesn’t seem like that’s an option. I can automate an update that inputs the user’s name based on who triggered it, but that doesn’t create an alert (just inserts username, not @username).

Anyone have any insight?

Hey Josiah!

Charlotte here for the monday team! :wave: Happy to help out with this!

What I would suggest as a workaround to this is to add a third automation that is identical to the first automation except instead of “perform action”, it is “notify user”.

Alternatively, you could edit the first automation to be “when trigger occurs and conditions are met, perform action and notify user”.

Would this work or is your automation recipe a type that doesn’t allow the additional actions to be customized?

Let me know your thoughts and we can go from there!

Sorry, maybe my question is unclear. When the conditions are met, I just need the automation to run. When the conditions are not met, I want the user to get notified that the conditions are not met so they can fix that, and then re-trigger.

The problem is that I want to notify the user who triggered the event directly, and that doesn’t seem to be possible. My workaround for now is to automate an update that inserts the user’s name.