Automation: When dropdown selection is something, trigger an action

I need to trigger an action based off of a dropdown selection. We want to use the dropdown column instead of status because we have more than 40 clients and our goal is to create an item on a connected board when a ticket is requested for each client.

I tried using the automation “when dropdown is CHANGED to something, change a status to something and change another status to something else” but the item is created through a form submission and the automation doesn’t recognize the dropdown column selection as an actual “change”.

Right now I have to go in to each form submission and re-select the dropdown selection manually for it to be recognized as a change for the automation to trigger. This is very time consuming as we receive 50+ form submissions per day.

Please make dropdowns function with the automations!

hi @bmcfarlin2017 , Brittany,

Welcome to the community. What you describe is default behavior. ANY (not only dropdown changes) that are in the trigger part won’t fire when you add items with the column value already set (e.g. by using a form). It is not considered a bug, but in my opinion it is a severe shortfall :slight_smile:

A custom build app / Zapier / Integromat can solve this for you. Unfortunately you can’t build an automation “When item is created AND dropdown is dropdownvalue” either. I am afraid you need to look to Zapier or Integromat for this.

I upvoted your post :slight_smile:


You might consider adding an additional automation "when an item is created, change a status to something and change another status to something else”.

I need to connect to different boards based upon which client is submitting the request, so the item creation alone wouldn’t serve that purpose.


I get it now.

I would second the suggestion from Bas. This would not be difficult at all to do with Integromat, if you decide to go that route.