Automation: When status changes set date of "linked column"

Hi there,

is there a way to add an automation sth. like: When status changes set date of “linked column”?

I have a Board:Contact and Board:Project.
In “Project” i connected contacts from the “Contact” board with several connected columns from “Contact” board like “Last Contact”

Now when an item status changes, I would like an automation which updates the “Last contact” column from “Contact:board”

Thanks in advance

Hi @Qylvest
welcome to the community!

So far I have not seen any automations provided by to update / make changes to linked items.
However we have successfully used integromat to do this for some of our cases. I would suggest using that approach.

at a glance the set up would look like this:

  1. set up webhook automation on projects board to “send webhook when status changes”
  2. Set up integromat sequence:
    a) triggered by webhook
    b) gets linkedItem:Contacts from pulseID
    c) update ‘Last contact’ date on linkedItem:Contacts

Optional you may need to add an iterator if more than 1 contact can be associated to a given project.

There may be some other creative ways to accomplish what you are going for which are simpler possibly using a ‘last updated’ column or setting up the last contact date on projects board and mirroring it on the contacts board instead.

Hope that helps!