Automations "Backlog Board" dependency not full support

Hey Folks,

one failure in Automations:
If I choose “When Deadline changes, adjust Deadline Sales by the number of days in Reference Time Sales”

The Point is quite easy to understand, If we enter an new Project, they will set automatically a global Deadline, when the whole Project needs to be done, but for a couple of SILOs like Sales, PM, Marketing there are different “Sub Deadlines needed” - this Deadlines will be generated by:

Chose the Collaboration Time (Status) = One Month
The the Automatic will set the Global Deadline per Automation to Date today + 30 Days.

After that will an additional automation grab “if the Global Deadline changes” change Sales Deadline by Number Field

Logic = Global Deadline minus 10 Days for example
Now I can set in the Number Field -10 and it works

but I cannot let the automation done this, because if i make the Automation:
if an Item created and Collaboration Time “Status” is … set number to…
The automation Field in the Number did not accept - just Numbers, but in the Field Manually within The Board it’s possible.

Could you allow “minus” Values in the automations for Numbers, too please?